Nodes During a Bear Market

3 min readJul 20, 2022

Today’s market can easily scare off new and experienced traders. Of course, there are some legitimate reasons why the market is in its current shape. Russian sanctions, the growing inflation, and a nearing world war, all have the expected negative effect on stonks and all types of crypto projects.

However, what does this mean for Node-like investment projects, such as Venodes, is this a good time to invest in nodes? You’ll find out in this article.

Bear Market Prognosis

The significant decrease in the price of BTC, (and all other blockchain projects) can be seen as the start of a bear market. The most important question that arises now is: “Till when will this bear market last?” A question not easily answered.

Looking back at the past, it normally took Bitcoin 1–2 years to recover. However, this time it is slightly different than other times.
Not only are we currently experiencing an unpredictable global situation, but we also have seen the fall of stablecoins (like TerraUSD) which could lead to a drop in sentiment and trust.

Nevertheless, crypto investments have been adopted by a lot more big investment concerns than before. In addition to the upcoming Bitcoin halving, 2024 seems like it’s possibly the year the great recovery will take place. We do have to keep in mind that the current global situation remains insecure. However, it is well recommended to implement a monthly dip-buying strategy to consistently build up your portfolio in the coming months.

Cheaper NFT prices

A decrease in crypto value also means that NFTs are becoming cheaper. Not only is this a great moment to stack up on your favorite tokens, but it also is a great moment to finally invest in those NFT projects that you have been eyeballing a couple of months ago.

Although the NFT market exploded beyond all before-thought possible expectations, their technology will definitely have a spot in the future. We are only just discovering all the possibilities that Web-3 brings.

We can expect ongoing growth in new web-3 applications which will shape the future of NFTs. Besides a well-diversified crypto portfolio, it is also recommended to buy into some high-potential NFT projects while they are at a discount.

Nodes With A Discount

Just like NFTs and other crypto-related projects, Nodes are also much cheaper than they were a couple of months ago. There’s nothing better than buying cheap nodes and seeing them grow in price in a later stage. Although you often can’t sell your nodes, you will be able to potentially benefit from a monthly increasing yield.

Besides, most, if not all, non-sustainable node projects are dying or have already died during the current dip. Both the cryptonomics and the fundamental aspect of nodes make them an important element in tomorrow’s crypto economy.

High Future Potential

Looking at the current market sentiment and the lower prices for Cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and nodes, we can conclude that this is a great time to invest.
What’s next?
We recommend adding a small portion of crypto to your portfolio every month. In addition, we firmly believe that investing in the right node projects could potentially turn out profitable as well.

Just imagine, buying an army of nodes for a bargain just before the start of a bull market. We have personally seen the enormous rewards this could generate during the most recent bull run. With Venodes we intend on providing you with the opportunity to invest in a network of nodes, chosen by the community and managed by an experienced team of long-term investors.