3 min readMar 9, 2022


In this smaller article we would like to give you some new information about the amount of mintable NFT’s, the NFT price, the variety of NFTs etc. In addition, we will inform you about other upcoming announcements.


VeNodes is a community driven project that offer Nodes as a service (NaaS). NFT-technology gives us the opportunity to distribute contracts in the shape of an NFT that allows the buyer to own a percentage of the rewards generated by our future NFT portfolio. Although our designer is currently creating an amazingly cool animated NFT, VeNodes will not consist out of a large variety of an x amount of barely different looking jpegs.

Esthetically, there will be 2 different types of VeNodes. Regular colored VeNodes and Golden VeNodes. VeNodes are hard working, machine-looking rigs that will generate rewards for you 24/7, whilst in your NFT portfolio.
For that purpose, all VeNodes are basically equal as every individual VeNode provides you with the same percentage of rewards.

Later this week we will give you a little teaser concerning the looks of a VeNode!


  • There will be a total of 3,333 VeNodes available on the VeChainThor network.
  • Among the 3,333 VeNodes there are 33 golden VeNodes.
  • Each VeNode will cost 333$ worth in $VET. The exact NFT price in $VET will be announced in a later stage.
  • An amount of approx. $943,406 will be reinvested in Nodes

Note: As our future Node Portfolio isn’t final yet, the following example is set based on STRONG Nodes.

  • According to the current conditions, we will be able to set up approx. 511 NODES after launch.
    We are able to show you the potential results of a compounding strategy vs a lack of compounding.
  • Bear in mind that these results are based on the poor condition our market is currently in and doesn’t include the full potential of our future diversified node portfolio.


Every month, 5% of the generated node rewards will be send in $VET to one random lucky VeNodes holder. Maintaining a compounding strategy would also mean that the value of this amount will grow significantly over time.

There will be a community voting to decide the shape and form of this monthly returning event. Based on the preference of the community the distribution of 5% of the monthly node rewards are subject to change.


VeNodes offers a solution to a well-known problem, especially within the VeChainThor community / blockchain. We are confident that with VeNodes we are able to meet the needs of those who are interested in a NaaS project based on the VeChain network. Due to the value of our compounding strategy we are almost completely hype-independent. In theory, it is not necessary to sell out in order for our compounding strategy to work.

What does this mean?
This means that we don’t need to use guerrilla marketing, inflate our member counts, spam social media channels, etc. With this in mind, we can entirely focus on growing a community the most organic way. As a result, our community will consist of like-minded people who share a common goal and who enjoy being part of a large community.