3 min readFeb 7, 2022

The needed innovative solution that we have been waiting for is finally set in motion.
VeNodes will jump on the ongoing NFT-hype with the most attractive, community-driven solution possible to a well-known modern-day dilemma.


As we all surely have noticed, NFTs have been booming. With an uncountable number of different sorts of NFT projects that have been launched lately, it becomes hard to tell where to put your money and where not to. It all started with simple “artwork” connected to your own unique blockchain wallet code.

However, before we knew it art itself wasn’t a reason anymore to purchase an NFT. The promise of future utility was born and many projects started to come up with gamification ideas, Metaverse applications, and various tokenized staking systems.

Unfortunately, the majority of the people who put their money into these projects are still waiting for any of these promises to be fulfilled. People like us.

VeNodes is a project built by the VeChainThor community and based on the frustrations that the above-mentioned projects bring. Projects that are launched based on unrealistic and incomprehensible roadmaps and that are purely driven by hype. The hype that has been bought and created with large marketing budgets.


As a group of Crypto enthusiasts, developers and marketers we have found each other within the VeChainThor community and decided that it’s time for a change. Although the power of hype could be a strong instrument, it always is temporary.

Community strength is where the real power lies. As proud VeChain community members, we have seen firsthand what a strong community can achieve. The sky is the limit when you decide to work together as a strong collective unit.


One important need that VeNodes will fulfill is to make nodes accessible and affordable for everyone. In our opinion, smart strategies based on nodes shouldn’t be exclusively available for the wealthy.

Node staking is an important tool. Especially in the current NFT market where tokenized staking has become an overused gimmick that only produces an unsustainable token distribution based on false hope and promises. Instead, VeNodes will purchase well-researched high-potential nodes through the NFT sales.

As a VeNodes NFT holder, you will be part of our VeNode community rewards fund which includes a continuously growing treasury and countless giveaways. As VeNodes is a VeChainThor oriented project, our project will be launched on the VeChainThor public blockchain and will support (future) VeChain services and innovations.