3 min readMar 16, 2022


As we are slowly making progress, it is time to talk about whitelisting and its benefits for early believers. Investors who are engaged with a project from the very start often shape the foundation on which the entire community will be built.


To make sure our early believers will get enough opportunities to secure their spot on our whitelist and to be able to get engaged with our project, we aim to launch frequent challenges and giveaways.

We aren’t big fans of the usual “like and share post x with x amount of friends” type of giveaways. Instead, we prefer to collect your opinions about VeNodes, the current market, NaaS, and NFTs in general.

As mentioned earlier there will be a total of 33 golden VeNodes. After our NFT reveal (on March 25th), we will announce our first NFT giveaway challenge in which you will be able to win a GOLDEN VENODE, which you will receive after our NFT launch.

Additionally, you may expect many more events to take place after the launch of our Discord server!


This week we will start with our first whitelist giveaway objective:

Write a tweet in which you answer the following question: “What will a NaaS project like VeNodes bring to the VechainThor network / Vechain community?” In addition, share your honest opinion with us about VeNodes.

Make sure to use the hashtag #Venodeswhitelist so that we can easily find your submission. Based on the given answers, we will hand-pick the first winners, who then will be guaranteed to mint a Venodes NFT.


For those of you who missed it, last week we’ve published our first NFT teaser. Our VeNodes will resemble advanced node devices that will be continuously mining within your portfolio. A great addition to your NFT portfolio and a great reminder that rewards are being generated non-stop.


We have also launched our Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Turkish Twitter accounts which we will use to expand our target group. We believe that these new markets carry a lot of potentials. We’ve seen how NFTs are slowly increasing on a worldwide scale.

Rate of global NFT interest. Source: Statista, March 2022

Focussing on one language only would be a missed opportunity. The above-mentioned 4 languages will form a start to test the international potential of VeNodes. As it is our goal to make Nodes accessible for everyone, we are sure to research all possible (emerging) NFT markets. We will keep you guys informed about any new developments regarding our international ventures.